Get in London 2038 Open Alpha

Open Alpha will begin October 31st 2017!

On the 31st, a signup page will open on After you sign up, you will have a game account and will be able to log in if you follow the instructions on the signup page.

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I applied for Alpha. When do we find out if we were accepted or rejected?

If you’re accepted into the London2038 Closed Alpha You’ll receive a confirmation Email, so take a look at your inbox.
This topic is specifically aimed at London 2038 OPEN Alpha, which starts on October 31st.

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August 31st … of which year?

Open alpha will launch October 31st, 2017.

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You guys must be pretty busy when you don’t even notice its already September! :grin:

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Don’t mind Psyona… he is just a rambling hobo who doesn’t own a calendar. Open alpha launches October 31st which is the 10th anniversary of the launch of Hellgate: London.

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I’m only human :c

On that note,
WTB Calendar

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Very excited to play in the open Alpha, I’ll be out of town that week though, but will definitely start playing as soon as I get back. :grin:

How about char/server wipes? When will they occur?

During alpha, wipes will only occur when absolutely necessary. There will be a wipe when entering open beta, but alpha testers will get something special going forward to mark their assistance with getting the project live. :smiley:


Hi everyone, I just found out about this project and joined the forum right away. How do I apply for the open alpha though? Cannot wait to play the game again!

I am so looking forward to playing Hellgate in multiplayer again.

Hellgate is still my favourite game of all time


Please keep us updated on getting into the alpha. I have quite a few people I know that would love to see this game come back.


 I have been lurking on the other site monitoring the progress of this game, I have played Hellgate a long long time ago, with a friend and can't wait for this! I was just wondering how do I sign up for open alpha?

Friendly reminder for aspiring testers, the closed Alpha application form can be found here :slight_smile:

I am happy to build and run a VPS Server in the Cloud, just let me know and I will fund/build the server if needed.
I am currently running servers out of Canada and Chicago, USA for “Nether Resurrected”, just drop me an IM.

Cheers Blakes

4 more days … I’ve seen the game shut down each time. Been there, joined the end party, watched the network disappear and missed playing it in the years after.

… This needs a reverse shutdown timer!

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What an incredible buzz that was, logging into MP again after so long. I have so missed this game. I will freely admit to clicking on the MP button from time to time over the years out of pure nostalgia, even though I knew nothing would happen. Today it did! Hellgate: Global was OK, but I missed the original London and DX10 etc.

I can’t thank everybody connected with this project enough!

I have to go to work now, but I know what I’m going to be doing as soon as I get home and for all of my free gaming time for now on!

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