Global Red Lines

Not entirely sure if this should go here, but as the community make suggestions obviously some will be red lines for being too close to Global. I saw a thread about two handed swords and the response was that it was too close to global to use. Could we get a dev diary or some other post to give examples of things you will never include, just so we don’t pester you with ideas that might be very good, but are not ever going to be included.

That’s a good point. It’s really not much of a “bother” to answer individual requests, but some red lines can’t hurt either.
Now, this is not an extensive list, nor is it absolute. Just sharing what I know on rules of thumb on this issue. Broadly speaking, we can’t introduce 2 groups of assets/features.

  1. Things that are mechanically impossible to retrofit.
    That example falls in this category. Some of Global’s features can’t be supported by our client, such as two handed swords. There might be solutions for some such cases, but without much technical knowledge I can’t get into specifics on that.
    Systems such as gear sets and Messengers may be supported by our client, so I wouldn’t comfortably place them in this category.

  2. Identical assets - anything that was created after TCv4.
    Most notably maps and bosses, but also gear assets fall in this category. We can draw inspiration from some items (such as Global’s Hurricanes and our Tropical Storms), and we can recreate some functions (such as Global’s Dismantlers and our Piecemaker), but we cannot copy and import assets.

I don’t believe there are other limitations, but I may very well have missed something. If something does come up in later discussions I’ll update this post accordingly.

That’s a real bugger about the two handers, I was hoping that it was something that could be done in the future (my dreams of a big sword templar are dashed :frowning: ) is there a specific program the dev team use for models, as while I’m not a coder (never could get my head around it) I do dabble with model making and anything I could do to help would just be awesome (also I really want a printed reaper on my desk)

While we can’t specifically support Global’s two-handed swords, I’d also like to hope that we might somehow facilitate such swords in the future. We’ve considered things to be impossible before, only to somehow find a way to get there. But, again, really not my area so I can’t make educated guesses.

On model programs and whether your expertise could be of help to the team, I’m afraid you’d need to reach out to Omerta and the devs for that.

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