Got run over by NPC mission train as HCE

I’m not asking for a revive. I just think that this mission is super dangerous and you should be warned PRIOR to clearing the tunnel that the train you repair with parts in lvl 25-30 Monument Station can and will actually run you over if you clear the path and take a moment to read the transmission that is sent to you the moment you clear the tunnel (therefore are very likely to be on the tracks as you read it) that is warning you to move out of the way of the train.

Thanks for listening. I’m going to go smash some stuff now.

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That’s a good suggestion. Not sure how exactly it could be handled, but it’s quite an odd, unexpected way to lose a HCE.
I’ll bring it up either way.

The most simple fix would be an additional warning in the quest text that warns you of what to come. “When your done clearing the tunnel we’ll send you a transmission. Make sure clear the track or use one of the many side walkways.” The darn warning could be shorter or maybe be a flashing warning like the timer after the Fawke’s device. The transmission itself was what kept me on the track reading. I admit I was distracted by a utube video too. …I guess I’m just bitter about the lame death. I do hope this becomes a funny story some day. Today is not that day.

Additional timer to train arrive wolud be nice too.

or a sound on the train. as far as i know, it was always completely silent.

maybe you could add a massive on-screen notification - some other quests have them. or is it already there? i never notice it.

Considering the timers we have on the British Museum hellrift, as well as the Parliament ones, I think a similar system with a countdown to the train’s arrival would be nice.

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“Choo choo motherf*ckers!”

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