Grey Chests Seem Useless

One thing that has always bothered me about HG:L is the random chests that spawn out in the field rarely ever generate any good loot (the grey metal boxes). 95% of the time it spits out white grade items. The Templar chests give green and blue items a little more often, but are rarely seen. And the Hell chests are the only ones that seem to give you anything decent half the time.

Running around as a lowbie with about 400+ luck, I would expect to loot a bunch of greens from those regular chests, but they still spit out whites most of the time. It would be nice if you could tweak the drops of those regular chests so that they are actually worth going for. Part of the difficulty of leveling from the start is fighting the bad drops that don’t seem to get better til you get to Charring Cross Station.

Those regular chests should at least guarantee you a green item, and removing consumables from its loot pool would also be ideal as well since the boxes scattered around the human realm drop plenty as is. This change would also help that palladium drought players experience running through the first half of the game.

400 luck is probably too low to make those chests skip white. And my hopes aren’t high for them either when i come across them. But i wouldnt open them if i knew there will be a green one either. For me they are decoration, which is ok for me.

tested, and confirmed. ~1300 luck eliminates white drops.

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