Guardians Taunts - Unacceptable

All Tauntskills maxed out is 34 points, which is ALOT considering we only get 49 points to spend.

So when a player decides to play the no-dps pure taunt and tank build to support the group
and hold down scores of enemies or gain the attantion of a boss while keeping the rest of the gruop
free to dps without fear of getting chased around the map - then these taunts MUST WORK.

When a Tankguard with maxed taunts runs into an army of imps and taunts, and only 50% of the imps
(which is a most basic enemy) is affected by the taunt, that’s 14 points that is a total waste.
And when the Guardian uses Denouce on a boss, and the boss repeatedly ignores the tank,
that is another 14 points that is a total waste of points. An early game-boss like Shulgot is mostly
unaffected by this ability. And because this is a pure singeltarget taunt, it is obvious that is it meant
to taunt bosses, also because it reduces armor by 36%.

I’ve been playing my Tankguard up to 32 now and putting most points into both taunts, and the majority
of times my AoE tauns leaves multiple enemies unaffected despite being in the range.
And 99% of the times i’m using denouce on a boss, it fails.
Errgoth in Stonehence is apparently immune to it.

So currently the TANK class has 2 abilities that combined costs 34 points and are broken,
but like a clock - they work twice a day.

And if you’re not suppose to be able to use Denounce on bosses such as Squadro, Talyx, Errgoth etc etc,
then what is the point of the singeltarget taunt ?.

For what it’s worth, I do agree that Guardians are in a very tough spot as they are.

This stems from 2 oddities regarding Taunts; one, that Taunts and their upgrades are separate (unlike Global), and two, that many/most bosses are immune to anything that “changes their mindstate”, including Taunts.

The first one is a strict gameplay decision inherited from Flagship, and it is one that will likely change. They may not end up being fused together, but the pointsink issue will need to be addressed.

The second one is also Flagship’s legacy, and it will also most likely change. Boss taunt resistance may or may not be retained, but total immunity does invalidate Guardians and Carnagor-based Summoners.

Their current state is by no means our intention, and you can rest assured that it’s among the first issues we’ll confront when we start making balance/gameplay-related modifications :slight_smile:

Yes. Being a guardian with majority of points spend into taunts, only to see the enemies waltz
straight past you and chase your party is kinda… discouraging.
Apologize if the post was somewhat blunt.

It’s just illogical to have a ST-taunt that takes 14 points to max, if the bosses are going to be impossible to taunt.

I’m just making a guess that in global they added interrupt strength to taunt skills to do the interrupting, because you can now easily achieve this by swinging your sword (which do have interrupt strength).

Balance team should really consider merging guardians taunt skills like it was in global or lower their maximum level while keeping their potential at max levels, so it won’t take up most of the skill points.

As for the summoner, i would suggest to revert Meat Shield to the original state where each level gave you taunt strength and radius, so it will be worth putting more points into that skill.