Guide: Droneless Rapid Engi

I finally got my Engi into a state where i think he is getting somewhere and i would like to share my built.
He can do Catas, Molloch solo, and mows through Brompton. St Pauls quest are no problem.
The change to the better came with the buffing of a couple of weapons to 120 Rof which are perfect for this built. As allways my builts are not top notch uber builds but fun to play and follow a certain theme.
This time an Engi that relies on guns and bots.

First things first the skilltree:,50,50,0,v1.0000101000699000000000000199111300

As you can see as bots i chose Rocket and Bomber Bot but i will only use the crash for the Rocket. It is easier to play and i found when i need another crash i am in a really bad situation anyways.
These two guys really do some nice damage and provide phase when your equipment is right.
The rest of the poinst then go into spec ops.
Strikes are too strong to leave out completely. so i skilled all three for the +1 Helmet and every overhead point into duration for more damage. Alternatively into size.
Now come the Engi damage skills. Tactical stance is allways worth a point and is needed to get to rapid fire which i skill out completely. Also beacon which everyone has to decide if he wants to max it as 2% damage per point is not that much but it works together with rapid fire and helps the bots so i took it and did not regret it. Escape 1 point is allways a must to get you out of dire situations which you will run into with rapid fire.
Now a word to rapid fire. It was commonly seen as a weak skill which i allways wondered why that is. On paper it should have roughly the same damage as Multishot and that is a good working skill. I also was using it in other builds and it was workink okish with low points investment. So why do people think it is weak? Now recently i found out rapid fire does not inrease the rate of fire beyond 600 and i suppose there are a couple of people who dont know this. So when you use your hus with 600 rof and inherent Rapid Fire Skill of 6+1 you will see no increase in damage.
BUT when you use it with a slower gun it suddenly shines. There are alot of guns below 200 rof that should work very well with the skill and since some guns got a buffed rate of fire even more guns fall into the category. To name a few:

Railguns like:'s_Hell_Rail's_Third_Rail
or the newly T-43 Mags

Grenade Laucher like:

Chrome Bolters:'s_Chromium_Dragon

Jackhammers:'s_Avenger (just noticed that one)


Or any good legendary or Mythic version of these, they work very good with rapid fire and give you some decent and reliable burst. Increase damage of Combat Skills is a notable good affix since Rapid fire is a Combat Skill.
I allways have a set of Railguns (doesnt need to be Reapers) for max damage and a set of Chrome Bolters/Grenade Lauchers to have an AOE option.

The rules for the armor is simple: there needs to be Minion Damage (30%+) and Increase Dmg (5-15%) everywhere and of course one piece of shield penetration. I allways go with the rule of either maxing shield pene or having just a little to apply effects but here i would go for just one piece. Adds damage is ok but increase damage is preferable.
So it is time for some mythics, or good rolls of the rifleman set or some double edged stuff.
There is only one piece of unique armor that is very very preferable for this build and that is the Techa Battle Core whith its massive Minion Damage and userate for Engi Skills.
And i wouldnt go with a lot more of the techa stuff because mostly they only have adds damage and minion stuff like armor that we dont need and you will feel the movement speed hit when you stand before Molloch solo the latest. Movement speed is important.
Helmet should be a good blast helmet with +1 to Engi skills if you can wear obviously a Maverick is a cool thing to have.
As Ring/Trinket a Fulcrums ring with increase damage and increase minion damage is the ultimate choice.
Perks will go most likely into stats but depends on your gear. If you have spare points increase damage or increase elemental strength would be my choice.

Modding the weapons is pretty straight forward. Damage and one affix with elemental attack (something which your weapon or mods provides as damage type). You will see that the moment you trigger rapid fire the elemental attack also triggers reliably often. If i can, i use phase for the one hand and toxic for the second for maximum damage. Stun would be the save variant and fire is ok when mobs have high hp.

This build plays like a MM, there is no tank and you have to judge what lies ahead of you, even moreso as you have to calculate in your 3-4 second roots when rapid firing. The ideal burst sequence lets say when a group of Bladeslayers (dont let them stunlock you) is coming at you is: planting a strike, do some beacons, let them come to the strike beacon, hit molotov and then rapid fire. Rapid fire doesnt need to be hit at point blank. 5-10 meters is ok and looks very cool when it mows down the mobs.
Have an eye on you shield and always have a destunner/deshocker at hand. If nothing helps escape is your friend. But with good foresight and if you have a feeling for the damage you are dealing you should be safe.
Thats it, have fun!

-a fun Rapid Fire Jack of all trades MM will follow