Guide: Efficient Questing by taking an optimal Quest route - outdated, WIP

Wanted to share this with you, if you are tired to run the same level multiple times just to take another side quest.

Take all quests
First Tottenham then Holborn Access Shaft. You should have 2 active in your way to Covent Garden.

Covent Garden
Take this order, pick up all quests and turn them in after you’ve finished with an instance.
Train Depot->Steam Tunnels->Upper Kingsway->Lower Kingsway->Covent Garden Market->Bloomsbury
You should be able to do all quest from Covent Garden to Charing Cross in one go. Turn them in after you’ve reached Charing Cross.

Charing Cross
Pretty straightforward till Green Park. Take the main quest route, do all side quests in your way.

Green Park
Talk to Lucius head forward to Oxford. Take all side quests there, you should visit Oxford for new side quests after each side area in Green Park.

Charing Cross
After Chocolate Park you should get 2 side quests, one of them is a Piccadilly exploration the other one leads you to Admiralty Arch, start with those, then head to Millenium. Take the side quest in Oxford before you go. After this point it’s pretty straightforward till Temple Station. You won’t get side quests in betweenthe two stations until you reach Temple Station. Unfortunately these trigger once you reached the station, the only shortcut is to get someone who is further in the story, party up, and portal to him when he is right at the entrance of the station at Temple Approach. After you go back to Charing Cross make sure you turn in your side quest per level, they’ll give you another one for the next level.

Temple Station
Take the main quest to Aldwich. Then do all side quests at Temple Access Ducts and Forgotten Ducts, then continue the main story line with the side quests.Turn in side quests after every map.
After you take the PDA from the Messenger don’t forget to use it, speak with Mag immediately, because she gives you the last side quest in the area (Cracklepop, Angel Passage)

Monument Station
Do the main quest head to Templar Base.

Templar Base
General rule of this area is to take all quests and turn them in after every level. You should have 2 active quests per level here. There is a quest which leads you to Tudor Street, you can access this easier by go to Temple Place and use /stuck command. Do this mission ASAP when you get it.

Monument Station
Take all quests, go to Upper Ground. Side quests of Jons will lead you between Upper Ground and Monument Tunnels several times but if you start with Upper Ground you can spare one go. After you’ve finished all side quests head to Tower of London, turn the quests in after every level, Jons will give you another 3 side quests at the second level in the instance, leave a PRD and do them, Sewerbreath is the last one of his quest chain, then continue to Tower of London.
Aldgate side quests can be done without turning them in after every level. Don’t talk to the NPC in Cannon Street Rail when you first get in, go forward, find a train part, then /stuck. Talk to the NPC 2 times and he will teleport you to Exodus. No further train part collecting required.
Turn in all quests in all levels in your way to Liverpool. Spare Broker quests for later.

Do all side quests until Necropolis level 1.
Then head to Liverpool Tunnels do all side quests, you should be able to do themin one go. Keep the second Wanted quest for later. You’ll get a quest to Liverpool Approach it’s separated from others, you can do it anytime before you go to St Paul. If you do in this order, you should be able to take all side quests per instance in one go.
When you continue your main quest place a PRD in Necropolis Level 3, after you speak Emmera at Templar base there will be a new side quest which leads you there, so you can take this shortcut.
You should have all side quests done by now and head to Finshbury Square. Get 2 side quests per instance. After you are done with a test go back to the previous level and jump between the wall and the exit tube during the grace period, this should reset your position to the beginning of the level (same as /stuck but faster) so you can head directly to Finshbury Square.
You should be able to do Liverpool → St.Paul on one go.

Due to the number of instances it’s inevitable to go to the same level multiple times.


i like to push this thread cause its very helpful.

just adding few thoughts:

  • use PersonalPortDevice if you are in a stage 2 or 3 sublevel in case you get follow up quests
  • if doing sidequests start with areas with the least number of sub levels, these usually preparing for sidequest lined up with main quest
  • buy all Adrenalin every time you meet the trader
  • use adrenalin as often as possible
  • collectables from a certain mob type stop dropping when the number is on the ground. means take your time by grabbing stuff before pop next adrenalin
  • if i have missed a collectable/mob i usually cross the level back once and then go back to station and reset instead crossing it over and over again (decision depends on level size and sublevel deepness)
  • don’t skill sprint, better buy some new shiny shoes
  • don’t hesitate to abandon a quest if something doesn’t work
    -skip solo AB / passageways at normal (thats more because of effiency and rushing to nightmare, do it if you feel like)

my 2 cents


I’d like to note that St.Paul quests are rather easy to sync. I think you need to do Church Yard quest first and after that or next one you get 2 quests in same zone most of the time.

IMHO Spud guy and his quest are just annoying.

I hope Jons and Connors will both die in horrible ways. I’d start by stabbing them in the eyes with a rusty fork.


Hey, we all now its Goodall’s fault, its hard in times of an apocalyptic quarantine to find someone ; ).
Connors on the other hand…

Added the same tags to this as to Aladinf’s quest guide, given all the (relatively) recent quest changes and additions. Noted in the guide index too.

Hello. Why do this? To save time? To get to the final faster? I also understand when, after killing, the first time, Sidonaya, on the second level (nightmare) you skip side quests in order to get to Charing Cross faster, (this makes it possible to sell and buy things in the store.) and then to the Templar base. (gives the opportunity to pump on Stonehenge). And now, look for ALL the details of the train. This is a game and no one drives you in the neck! , personally, I like to go through quests slowly, without missing anything, except for the cases described above. All the best.

This is an old topic, i was trying to help people because they repeatedly asked me for an efficient way to finish the game from start to finish with every side quest done with the least possible time they have to do the same levels again.
This is a guide, i have no intention to force anyone to play this way, so all this is completely optional.

Hello.I agreeI guess I understand this expression in my own way.Personally, I.I am happy to go through, repeatedly, all the quests.From the first level to the final.And every time I see something new in the game.

Hello.It seems to me that there is a mistake here.There is no Upper Ground at Monument Station.(Which is located at Temple Station).There is the Upper Thames.Or do I not know something?