Hellgate Global

You failed to revive Hellgate Global.I think so.You are a fan of?Wanted to make a game?So do it properly,or don’t do it.

Please feel free to not play this game. Perhaps you’d like to revive Global yourself?

That would give you something to do. For about 30 years with any luck :monkey:

Two questions.1.Why was it necessary to change everything.2.It was impossible to leave as early in the game?Just run the game.

You need to do some research.

Nothing has been changed from Hellgate Global. This isn’t Hellgate Global, it’s Hellgate: London revived as London 2038.

Hellgate: London was released a long time before Hellgate Global. It was T3 Hanbiton (under the studio name of Redbana) that changed Hellgate: London and made the inferior “pay to win” ugly sister called Hellgate Global.

When you play London 2038 you’re actually playing the version of Hellgate: London that was on the Flagship Studios test centre server before the company went bust.

Opinion is divided, but many fans of London 2038 prefer Hellgate: London over Hellgate Global


I can write in Russian?So I can more accurately Express their thoughts.

I don’t know how many people here can read and understand Russian. I would imagine there will be some. Hopefully they can translate for the rest of us.

Вы сказали,что это не Hellgate Global,а Hellgate London.В таком случае,приношу свои извинения.Вот мои вопросы.На ScreenShot видно,что было в Hellgate Global,и-что есть сейчас в Hellgate London-2038.ONSLAUGHT и BLESSED ONSLAUGHT-очень нужные навыки для GUARDIAN.PLAYER OF SMITING,так-же хорошо.SPIRITUAL STRENGHT-удобнее,чем SPIRITUAL TOUGHNESS,потому что STRENGHT не видно нигде,кроме шкалы атрибутов.А STAMINA видна в здоровье персонажа.И за ней легче следить.И еще:PARLIAMENT SQUARE-WESTMINSTER CATACOMBS.Я думаю,многие со мной согласятся,что вариант в HELLGATE GLOBAL-интереснее и красочнее,чем вариант в LONDON 2038.И он настраивает игрока к другим битвам,но,уже,в ABYSS.Ведь боссы в катакомбах повторяются в ABYSS,но,уже,сильнее.И последнее:При покупке предметов на аукционе,в почте,- пустое окно,а предмета-нет.Нужно перезапустить игру,чтобы предмет появился.Для начала,кажется,все.Надеюсь,я не очень Вас утомил.Спасибо,что уделили мне внимание.Я не думаю,что,что-то изменится после моего письма,но,все равно-спасибо.

Some things to bear in mind.

Hellgate Global is the intellectual property of HanbitSoft (of which T3Fun is a part of). Even if this team wanted to revive Hellgate Global, they could not because they would quickly get a cease and desist order from HanbitSoft which is why they steer clear of having any Global related content (even cosmetics) in London 2038. Remember that HanbitSoft still has a live commercial interest in Hellgate Global. They are developing a Virtual Reality prequel to Hellgate Global https://youtu.be/V2ReyBow05E

That makes anything related to Hellgate Global an absolute no-go area.

Hellgate: London is a long dead game that was originally owned by the now defunct Flagship Studios. It is a different game to Hellgate Golobal. Even so, there is no guarantee that this project will not get a cease and desist order either. The hope is that just a few hundred fans playing a long dead multiplayer game on a private server that does not have any financial aspects will be tolerated. It will never be a secret from HanbitSoft and never could hope to be. With any luck they will see this project as a ‘free’ means of keeping the Hellgate franchise relevant in the minds of gamers. Hopefully.

I’m not one of the developers. I’m just a gamer and a long time player and fan of Hellgate: London. But I don’t ever see a time when it would be safe to make London 2038 anything more like Hellgate Global than it already is.

Спасибо.Я понял.Удачи всем и здоровья.

This is done via an online translator, so I hope it makes sense!

Спасибо вам тоже и удачи вам. Для записи я играл и наслаждался Глобальным. Я просто наслаждаюсь Лондоном больше!

Thanks to you too and good luck to you also. For the record I did play and enjoy Global. I just happen to enjoy London more!

All i have to say to this is its sad that this russian guy who can only talk down about the game but can actuly play it… Still waiting for my friend to be let in to play an they allow guys like that in to play who only complain how sad

Lol dident read it was open alpha now :yum:
Thought it was still closed

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In fairness I think that some of the intent of Kole3315 was lost in the interpretation and difference in languages, so the tone may not have been as intended.

Ошибка.Обратился не по адресу.