Hellgate: Singleplayer 1.2 patch, respec option?

Hello guys,

I don’t know where else to ask this, since there are not much places to ask questions about hellgate london in general. I do have a question about singleplayer (not this london 2038 version). I am not using the london 2038 mod right now. I still have the game on cd from flagship and I installed the singleplayer patch 1.2 (no mods and no london 2038, just the basic singeplayer :slight_smile: ) . I messed up my character pretty much, are there any skill and attribute retrainer in the 1.2 singleplayer patch version? I wanna reallocate my skills and attributes points.

An other question would be, is there were a way to play london 2038 singleplayer without being connected to the internet? I tried the mod some days ago, but I could only start the game when the launcher was conected to the internet, so singleplayer only works if you are connected to the internet?

Thanks for your help

In the original Hellgate:London version you cannot respec.

You may be able to google console commands wich you can use ingame to change your stats, if i remember correctly.
Edit: After googln im not sure anymore if that was a thing. You could download a trainer(cheat programm) but dont know how save that is or even works anymore.

You can only play London 2038 online on the servers.

Sorry about that.

Hi Afura, welcome :slight_smile:

Hellgateaus is generally the place to discuss SP, but our Lounge section here should do too.

As Korosukuma said, there were no respec options in vanilla SP. There are mods that introduce Retrainers to do so, however, if you’d like to try those. The most “discreet”, in that it doesn’t change the game experience too drastically, should be Revival 1.5.1 - although there are also larger-scale ones that may provide this option, like Lost London, Nagahaku, and Kikina’s Revival continuation.


I see, so I am using the original london version with the 1.2 singleplayer patch.

I was googling yesterday for a trainer, I just found reanimator program, but I can’t respec with it. I couldn’t find any other trainer :frowning:

I saw that london 2038 also has a singleplayer mod, is there a way to use this singleplayer mod without being connected to the internet? I travel often and I go to places where I do not often have access to internet.

Hello, thx you.

Sorry my bad, I am new to the game, I wasn’t sure exactly where to write, I see that the revival is more for singleplayer suited, thanks for the info.

I will check out the revival 1.5.1. I actually wanted to play london 2038, but unfortunately the single player mod needs also being connected to do the internet.

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It does not. Can you post a link to the site who stated this? I want to cover up the misunderstanding incase it comes up in the future.

I saw it in the main menu in the game when I installed the london 2038 mod (maybe I didn’t install it correctly). It was written singleplayer and then multiplayer, I could chose between both and I had someone on steam telling me this.

Main menu always shows the single player but there you can only play the original with 1.2 patch.

The one from Steam was wrong. He maybe was confused with the steam version, even so that doesnt have multiplayer.

I see, that’s why I couldn’t find much information about london 2038 and singleplayer.

I think what I did was just installing 1.2 sp patch and 2.0 mp patch, that’s probably why I saw sp and mp in the menu.

Just a last question, what is the most played version for singleplayer? the 1.2 patch or revival 1.5 or any other mod? i will stick to it what is played the most :slight_smile:

I have no idea. I hope someone else can answer it. The mods do all diff. stuff.

No problem, I went over to the revival forum that Bryan suggested me. Just trying to find out now which of the mods with respec option is the closed to the original hellgate gameplay.

Please, feel free to discuss it here as well. I only brought up hga as a hopefully better-suited place for information, not to drive you off.

Since you stressed playing unmodded SP, I imagined you might prefer “cleaner” mods. That’s perfectly understandable, but sadly many mods take it down very different paths.
Nagahaku, Lost London, and Kikina’s Revival are all excellent mods, but they all add much and change the game in substantive ways. I’ve enjoyed all 3, but they’re likely not ideal for a vanilla-like experience.

I believe the mods that best combine a Retrainer with a clean experience are Revival ones, from 1.0 to 1.5.1. But going through the release notes for each is highly advisable - it’s been many years and I’m afraid I can’t remember specifics.

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That’s nice thank you :slight_smile:

Yea I am stressing myself a bit too much on that lol. But the reason why I stressed was, since I never played the game I will not be able to see and appreciate the work and differences in the mods, because I will have nothing to compare :slight_smile:

I installed the 1.5 b1 revival, but the vendor didn’t sell any retrainer, so I tried the 4.4 revival mods and in this mod I finally can buy retrainers for 15k palladium. Looks like I will stick to the 4.4 and later once I know the game better I will try out the london 2038. I prefer playing singleplayer first before joining any multiplayer :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot for your help Bryan and Korosukuma


Couldnt you just buy a retrainer, use it, reskill and then deinstall the mod again?
Or is there a warning to not do that?

I was thinking about this too :slight_smile: , this could actually work, but I am afraid that this could also corrupt the character game files.

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I have same thing but do not worry - noone is forcing anyone into multiplayer experience in 2038. You can play alone without any other players but You will see them on Stations and maby some conversations on chat but that can be changed. The only thing with L2038 is that it has to be online but thats only that.

In Path of Exile for example is Solo Self Found option and that means You play alone without any trade and othe multiplayer options but to run a game You need to be connected to servers. L2038 can by played same way so if You dont like muliti juts play alone. It that way You will have single player experience with options.

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Thanks for your reply :slight_smile:

You are right, I could also play london 2038 as a singleplayer game :slight_smile:

Oh yes I have played path of exile a lot, but stopped playing it after a while. I went over to standard league, but every few months they change the skills and your current build is not playable anymore after it lol. It was just getting annoying after a while. God thanks this doesn’t exist in london 2038, I am not against changing and balancing skills, but having to face it every few months and your build being broken everytime after it is very frustrating.

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