Help requested please

At 12:08 today I was playing my hardcore character, exiting a blue rift my computer froze up on me.
I quickly hit the computers restart button, this has saved my character before in this situation. This
time, when I logged back in, my character was dead.
Is there any way someone will consider resurrecting this character?

Thank you

Heya !

Freezes and crashes are still an issue at times. But before we start troubleshooting where this might’ve come from, here’s something about your character:

  • Dead HC characters cannot and will not be resurrected.

I understand this sounds harsh and maybe even unreasonable, if said death is caused by a technical issue. But 2038 is still in beta … and has some long-standing issues still. Crashes (and sometimes character deaths as a consequence) are just a part of that.
And that is exactly why the devs could use any tidbit of feedback, bug or crash report to maybe find a solution to fix it. So could you elaborate a little further on what you did before that freeze? What class, skills, dx version, graphic/sound settings did you use? Stuff like this might help narrowing the issue down and provides some context.

~cheers !

Many people faced this same problem before, and they moved on. You can too.