Help with Talox

I’m having a bit of a time dealing with the fourth wave of minions
and their poison attacks. I have 1500+ poison defense, about 100
health pods, some shield generators and toxic removal pods and the
best I could do was to kill only one of them before I finally just gave
For anyone who has beat this guy, can you stun lock the minions at
I am thinking about switching to twin rocket pistols with heavy stun
and poison if that will work at all.
I have a level 50 rank 12 engineer with an arclight rifle with 300 poison
and 300 ignite. I tried to get a party going to get some help, but no go
so I will have to solo this boss. I would appreciate any tips to beat the
poison minions.

Use shield emitters, the poison damage is not so much, only if you get a direct hit by the projectile, use escape if your hp is damaged and you need healing, but try to avoid direct damages to your hp.

The problem is I have to be right on top of them dealing damage because they regenerate so fast
so I can’t avoid the projectiles.

Talox solo is a pain. I can imagine even more so as an engi. I made it as a MM to the mixed wave where i gave up for the moment and abandoned the quest and went for Squadro instead because i realized havn’t got enough damage. I was able to kill the toxic only by bursting with multishot AND rapid fire during the phase when i poisoned them. As a engineer you probably need to poison better. You probably need a dedicated poison gun and a dedicated caste dmg weapon and level up more with very good gear. Just an assumption though. Squadro however was perfectly doable since he doesnt heal himself. The drops are probably disappointing though since the loot tables apart from the abyss uniques are very limited atm.

That boss is so sickly hard (loving it). Be asured you are not the only one who reached the point of retreat.
Can’t give you tips though. Quit 1st try at wave 4 (toxic) and 2nd try at wave 8 (spectral). Quest still open, i swore revenge after i have a few equipment upgrades from moloch and the abyss regions.

I didn’t know that you could choose to fight squadro over talox.
I already killed squadro and thought that you had to progress to
talox. I am just doing this because the squadro quest gave me
a good weapon mod as a reward. If I can I would do squadro over
and over again.
All abyss portals look alike to me. Is there a way to exclusively
get the squadro quest again and again?

Can’t really say it better than wiki.

Fire is red,
Electro is blue,
Spectral is lilac
and there’s physical too.

Thanks for posting that link. I understand these portals now

Anyone knows where I can get the loot list for abyss bosses?
And does abyss uniques drop from random mobs in abyss?
Thx in advance!