HGL is relaunching on Steam Nov 15 (T3/Hanbitsoft)

Well here we go again. The same devs are relaunching HGL like they did a few years ago as a quick cash grab. There will be no DX10 and excessive grind meant to drive micro transaction sales.


Its sad see after failure of GLOBAL pay to win they go again for it.

I wonder if it will have any implications here, for this 2038 project? Will they be more inclined to squash this if they are running on steam?

Doubtful, especially since the project isn’t making money and the Steam release is only single player. Being on Steam just means more visibility for them, and they’ve attracted quite the crowd, so I wouldn’t worry about it.

is the steam release only single player? wow that’s really stupid, not sure how that’s going to attract anyone back in.

Since it’s SP only I doubt there will be microtransactions.

“The game provides single play optimized scenario contents and premium support items.”

It looks like they will have microtransactions. That’s probably how it will make money considering it will not have a market to help with gear progression. If it’s f2p upfront, I could see how it might attract people. We’ll have to wait and see, I guess.

Hello everyone, I noticed the steam re-release but noticed it was sp only, but I stumbled onto this project, so WIN in my book.

I have a question maybe this is the incorrect place to ask, if my gf grabs the steam release Thursday will she be able to use that copy of the game to play with me online on your server? I plan on digging out my original copy when I get home this afternoon.


The version being released on steam is not hellgate london, but what is regularly called hellgate global. So it’s a different version to hellgate london and probably won’t work with london2038.

That is what I was afraid of, looks like I’ll have to order a used one off of Amazon unless anyone know of a place to get a digital copy for purchase. I looked at GOG but not available there. I did find my collector’s edition so I’m set.

No retailers offer the original game in digital download form, and the Steam version is not at all compatible.

I ended up ordering her a used copy on Amazon.