HGL Steam launch day observations

From browsing the Steam forum and reviews, it would appear that the biggest complaints are cut content, washed out textures and, if you can believe it, bad English localization. It’s currently $9.75 (25% discount from $13). I had it on my wish list but will not be buying it based on poor feedback. If anything, the Steam launch will only add fuel to the London 2038 project and will most certainly not compete in any way.

It appears to be the same Hellgate: Global (minus Tokyo for a few weeks) as when it closed. All of the cringe inducing translation blunders are still in, including the ‘move to GRINICH’ message right at the start. The textures still look like they were hand made using charcoal pencils by primary school kids.

It’s still Hellgate enough to be fun though. It’s amusing to see how polarising this game still is even after all these years.

Well I have both the Steam release and an original copy. They are both on the same drive but different directories. Seems the Steam release is a bit of a thief. When I started it up it showed the toons from my original. So when I chose to play my engineer it was okay, but when I shut it down and started my original copy I found that my engineer had been removed. And to the textures, yeah they suck compared to the original. :smiley:

I’m nearly ready to buy it just to launch a few bugged engi strikes to cover entire maps but i’m not sure i’m ready to suffer from 0 FPS ever again…

It’s an interesting experience to compare the two versions of the same game, side by side. Both have their good and bad points. HELLGATE London (single player Global) clearly and understandably has a distinct Asian MMO grind flavour to it. Hellgate: London 07 and London 2038 (my personal favourite) are no nonsense action RPG’s that have everything in them that we in the West expect to find.

I have played all available versions of this game. Hellgate: London single player and multiplayer, Global, London 2038, and now this HELLGATE London single player version of Global. I enjoy all of them to varying degrees, with 2038 being my absolute favourite.

It just goes to show how enduring and endearing this IP is and what a dreadful waste of an opportunity it has been over the years. It’s still as polarising as it was 11 years ago. People are still to this day asking if their Founders and Lifetime subs will be honoured with this Steam version. People are trying to use their CD keys from the 07 version to install the steam version. People are still getting all of the versions and their memories of them mixed up.

So many people still want to play this ‘failed’ game. Each version has its own set of passionate fans. It makes you wonder if there will be a genuine Hellgate 2 at some point in the future. The market seems to exist still.

I also played every version of the game and enjoyed most parts of it and it makes me wonder why no other games can replicate it. We have a few games that could emulate HG to an extend like borderland for the FPS aspect but it clearly lack good itemisation and RPG deepness. PoE has the deepness but the gameplay is too different from the true 3D of HG that we can’t really compare both. Same applies for most Hack n Slash games.

I found an hidden looter shooter on steam a few weeks ago called Dead Effect 2. For 2 euros i had a really good time but the gameplay and deepness were lacking even tho the loot was fun.

Destiny 2 was my first try at this franchise but it felt short in every aspect and i got bored after like 30 hours.

Maybe the upcoming Anthem could interest me but i’m scared to buy a flavorless pretty game that offers nothing in term of character building and itemization.

That’s why Hellgate in all forms holds a special place for me because it’s truly unique <3

I saw the game, realised to my great disappointment it was single player and out of my frustration discovered London 2038. So, yeah I think I’m proof this should fuel London 2038 :slight_smile:

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I just Hope they won’t start legal stuff to kill this project…

I wonder if the Hellgate 2038 team deal something with the devs to avoid problems (beside it’s free part)