Hidden projectile count on some Hunter guns

Couldn’t find reliable info - plus some things might have changed - on several guns:

Laser rifles - Zeus, toxic lance - what is the maximum target count? it used to be 2, i believe, not it looks like 5 sometimes. is it different between lightning and toxic models?

MIRV launcher - how many shards on explosion? do they have the same damage, ele strengths and AOE as primary projectile? one source says it’s 8-10 and i thought it’s 6-8.

Cluster rifle - same question, but i also can’t tell if it’s shrapnel additionally ricochets or retargets. been told it’s just 5 pieces

Jackhammer pistol - the tiny 1h shotgun - projectile count, maybe AOE? it looks like it hits multiple times. been told it’s probably 4.