How many versions of this game are there?

I’m looking to try to play other versions of this game That have been remade like this one. I heard there is one but don’t no how to find it. Are there web suite’s that have old games like this one?

Hi there,
the 3 versions of the game that are now available and that I know of are:

  • The vanilla 2007 version, for which hga offers mods if you’d like to modify it to your liking
  • The 2038 version, which is us
  • The Steam version, for which hga also offers a select few mods and fixes

If the one you’ve heard of isn’t among these 3, I’d need more information to help you identify/locate it.

How do I get mods for this version of the game?

Being multiplayer, 2038 does not support mods.