How to drop a No-Drop item


As i have explained in game how to drop a No-Drop item such as Quest items but some people can’t make it work, here is the how-to:

Ingame, i took as example, the Cube because it takes 4x4 in inventory.
But some people couldn’t reproduce the drop on the ground. Maybe because it’s the Cube, a special item.
But in Revival, someone who had duplicated the Cube, ended up with 2 cubes in his inventory and we made him drop one on the ground successfully.

it’s why i explain clearly here how to do it, with a 1x1 quest item “Worm tracking Device”.
This quest item hasn’t been removed by the NPC because i put it in the Cube and i forgot it there. Then by completion of this quest, the NPC/game didn’t remove it. I was stuck with it in my inventory.

Here is how i made the game drops it on the ground:

  • Don’t open your storage or the Cube otherwise when you close your inventory, the game will consider the stash and/or the Cube as possible rooms to store items,
  • I want to drop a 1x1 item (here the "Worm Tracking device) on the ground so i have to fulfill my inventory with no (1x1) free,
  • Ending with the “Worm tracking device” on my cursor, i close my inventory,
  • I log out and log in,
  • The game will alert you about your full inventory preventing to store an new item, that item will be on the ground in station,
    it’s why the “Worm Tracking device” is on the ground at front of the station Travel Terminal, the spot where we appear when we log in.
  • The drop item will stay lying there until the server restarts.
    The taken picture above is from few days before the patch.

This drop trick applies only to No-Drop items such as Quest items.
Surely to prevent Mini-game exploits by the original devs.

I don’t know and didn’t try for the stormcaller given (a “Can not trade”) as quest reward from the NPC in Charing station, the one at Tech314’s right side.

Hope that helps.