HOW TO: Dual SP/MP Game Installs

If you would like to have two game installs where one install is the SP Game with the SP mods and the other is MP with the London 2038 MOD then follow the steps below.

  1. If the game is already installed and patched/modded in some way, Uninstall it.

  2. Reinstall the game and patch it with the needed SP patches and install your wanted SP Mods.

  3. Copy the entire Game folder with the SP stuff in place to a different location. Do not delete the original game folder or you cannot do the next step.

  4. Once again uninstall the game.

  5. Reinstall the game and patch with the MP 2.0 patch and then copy the London 2038 launcher to the folder you have installed the game to and run it to update.

  6. Create a shortcut on the desktop that points to the SP executable in the folder you copied in step 3 and name the shortcut accordingly. (Hellgate SP - or whatever)

  7. Create a shortcut on the desktop that points to the London 2038 launcher in the root of the game folder for the new game install.

  8. All Set! You now have an SP install of the game with mods, and the London 2038 install of the Game.

Keep in mind if at any point you need to make changes to the SP install, Adding/Removing Mods and such, you will need to start from scratch at Step 1 to avoid issues.