How to play LONDON 2038 on your Nintendo Switch

Hello there in the following lines I will explain you how you can play London 2038 comfortably on the couch with your Switch. In 720p and 60 fps.

All you need is a nintendo switch that is jailbrake capable so you can install homebrew on it. unfortunately this doesn’t work with the newer versions that have been released since june 2019. Here is a link where you can check your serial number :

Which cwf you install on it is up to you, there are a lot of guides to find. the most common CFW are Kosmos, Atmosphere and SX OS which I also use. You can find out how to install them on your switch in the corresponding forums. Now back to the actual topic.

If you have installed a CFW on your console you have to install the app in-Home-Switching a very good youtube guid can be found at the following link: Guide

Github & Download

If you have now successfully installed In-Home-switching on your switch you have to register in the same network as your pc.

Before you open the app on your console, we start London 2038 in window mode with a resolution of 1280x720. After that you can open your app on the console and start streaming your screen, only when the stream is running the switch will be recognized as XBOX 360 controller and we can solve the last problem.

Hellgate doesn’t recognize the XBOX controller and we have to help ourselves with a program that converts the controller commands to keyboard commands. For this I used JoyToKey, I created an archive on google drive where you can download the installer and my configurations file, you have to put it in the folder C:\Users\your_name\Documents\JoyToKey. I really experimented with the settings for a long time to get the best game experience for me, but you are of course free to change it as you like.

JoyToKey + config & Login script AHK: Download

when you have finished all settings you can put London 2038 into full screen mode and start your game.


After a while of testing I noticed that it is quite nerfig to return to pc each time to re-enter your account data if you were logged out or you just wanted to change to a different character. For this I wrote a small AutoHotkey script which is triggered by pressing the left thumb stick (or F4) and re-entering your account data. To use the script you have to download and install AHK, here the link:

You can enter your account data into the scribt yourself, just right click on the script and open it with editor. The sound transfer works only if the Record Desktop Screen Capturer Recorder is activated, as it was explained in the Youtube Guid about In-Home-Switching, but I always use my wireless headset from my PC.

Now I hope you also have as much fun as I did playing our over 10 years old game on a new console it is really fantastic. For questions you can answer here in the forum, but better reach me at Disscord under the same name as here, Greetings Flucser!


Good tutorial. It makes me want to get a Switch, but let me make a small suggestion. When using acronyms like CFW. Spell it out the first time with the acronym right after in parentheses, like Combat Infantryman Badge (CIB). That way a user that is unfamiliar with it will understand what your saying. I appreciate the tutorial, thanks for sharing.

This makes me wonder if you could potentially do the same with a hacked PlayStation Vita… I may have to look into this!

Meanwhile it has become pretty easy to stream any game to a device of your choice at home with steamlink. The effort of a jaillbrake is not really necessary, I am currently streaming games to my ipad and use the Steam controller for controlling.