HUGE BUG- Picemaker mission not dropping it

I crafted the power supply. Turned in for mission completion amd when pressing «take item» it teleported me to piccadilly circus. I had no personal relocation device activated nor I visited that zone in this game session.
I reloged and it wasn’t at the inventory
The mission was succesfully completed, so I can’t restart it. Is there any solution to this or should I completly forget about this character?

Hello, welcome :slight_smile:

This sounds like an issue of terrible timing, where the station teleportation bug interfered with collecting the Piecemaker. At least that would be my initial interpretation of the event.

If the character in question is otherwise disposable, I’d suggest remaking it after it has served its purpose. If it’s not, I’d be able to supply a Piecemaker as long as we could meet ingame.

Thx for the quick answer!

I’d like to keep my character, so I’ll try to find you online.

Great :slight_smile:

Could I have your IGN so I’ll know to look for you, either here or through PM? Alternatively, my usual IGN is Subject335, so if you see me online please don’t hesitate to contact me.

My IGN is Nadir. I tried adding you but it said the character doesn’t exist

Yeah, GM accounts can’t be befriended. I can still be contacted, of course, just not added.

I’ve added you and will be keeping an eye out. Otherwise, if you’re on 2038’s Discord, you can reach me there whenever you’re on so we can meet. Name’s Bryan there, same as here.