Hu's Hypershot again

We all know that Hus Hypershot pretty much got passed down the line from the best MM weapon to a point where you get them for under 100k in the AH.

There are now numerous better weapons of the same type like Tropical Storm, Fragger and good legendaries. And then there is also the thing with the rapid fire affix that doesnt do much.

These days i will turn back to my old grenader build and for him i allways fancied to get 2 Hus with combat damage aug because there doesnt exist any weapon that comes close in regards to potential for grenades and strikes as it is the only weapon with power reg (a hard limitation for a heavy grenader). On top it already has a userate affix and a tech slot.

Now i figure it doesnt really fit such a legendary weapon to sit on a grenader build and actually dont shoot but only buff grenades. But there are two ways to make it also more attractive to other builds.

First, to stay in the rapid fire meme you could change the Rapid Fire affix to a Multishot affix. This would make it a flexible Weapon for alot of playstyles as Multishot is used by nearly any MM build and therefore frees up points (needed alot for a grenader too).

Second to support grenades you could change the Rapid affix to Phase grenade which would fit to the Power and Userate affix on the weapon itself. And phase is the best single grenade as its main effect is not heavily dependant on synergies and serves any build by phasing enemies. Equip two Hus, put 3 points in Phase grenade and you have a maxed out grenade that does good phasing and any point into another grenade takes their elemental FX to max.Nothing to sneeze at especially with Multishot.