Hybrid Zero in The Foreboding Wild

I went around the whole wild land on the quest-“Hybrid Zero in The Foreboding Wild”-there is no mummy.What did I miss?

  • Both of Ken’s quests in the Foreboding Wilds now only require 1 “Mummy’s Blood” drop from a new named mummy, “Hybrid Zero”.
    • This mummy is much larger than others of its type, so it should be much easier to spot within this large map.
    • Ken’s quest texts have been slightly altered to reflect this change.
      Вы чё,издеваетесь!!!Второй раз 3 часа угробил на поиски этой долбанной мумии!!!Судя по вашему описанию,она должна быть огромная!!!Все закоулки облазил!!!Не нашел!!!Или я что-то не так понял?
      Are you kidding me!!!The second time I spent 3 hours searching for this fucking mummy!!!Judging by your description, it must be huge!!!I’ve searched every nook and cranny!!!I didn’t find it!!!Or did I get something wrong? :smiling_imp: :imp: :skull: :skull_and_crossbones:
      Bryan.Maybe you can explain!And then everything is like a mouthful of water.Or something else!And you say- "team game!I look-here everyone is for himself

I won’t say such a thing. That’s irrelevant to the issue at hand.

I can’t explain, I’m afraid. The quest target has changed; it’s indeed huge so it’s easier to find, and it normally spawns. I don’t know why it wouldn’t spawn for you, or why some quest mobs don’t spawn in rare occasions, and I can’t tell without more data.

Still, I’ll look into this. In the meantime, all I can suggest is:

  • Not looking into every corner; it’s huge, you’ll see it from afar.
  • Looking on top of hills, in case it spawned there.
  • Entering Passageways or adjacent maps and returning once you’ve cleared it, in case it “forces” the quest to check again and spawn it if it hasn’t.
  • Resetting the map if you’ve explored it; there’s no point in spending 3 hours on explored maps.

For reference, this is how it looks:

Okay Overreacted.It’s simple, 20-30 views and no one has advised anything on this issue.I will not believe that no one has passed this quest.Moreover, I asked a simple question:- "What I missed."I mean, I didn’t catch up or did it wrong.

That’s all I did.

Discard a card, or a quest?I dropped the quest for the first time and couldn’t take it from Ken that day.There were no signs above his head.(Interrogative, exclamation).Or, is discarding a card something else?If yes, then how?Sincerely, Nikolai.

See, the quest normally works. I’m guessing others haven’t had your issue yet, or at least haven’t been able to reproduce it.
I did actually get it to not spawn for me too, though I can’t tell what makes this happen yet.

You did nothing wrong, the quest seems to have glitched for you. That’s why I answered that it normally spawns and offered some suggestions as I investigate it.

Oh no, I didn’t mean to abandon and retake the quest - that would have the issue you’re describing here. What I mean is to reset the map; return to the station, create a party, and leave it. Perhaps do it twice in a row to be sure. This process resets maps so you can try again, and is very helpful for cases like this.

That is, to return to the station through the return portal, or-(PRD)?So that I can go back to the place I came from?I don’t want to go through the previous location again.As when restarting the game.(exit, enter the game).Sorry for these clarifications and additions.It’s just that Yandex Translator, sometimes, does not translate correctly.

It’s fine, I understand. I often try to be simpler for this reason to not inconvenience you, but… habits :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, resetting maps will also reset PRDs so you have to get there on foot again. It’s annoying and not ideal, for sure, but it’s a workaround if this fails:

To be clear, here I just mean entering either Wilds or the Deepest Wilds through the portal and returning right back.

That is, you had the same situation, or you deliberately made it so that you did not have it?(Or this, another example of an incorrect translation).

Then it’s easier for me to restart the game than to look for someone to create a group with.

I do this all the time, in quests, when animals or objects disappear.

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Oh no, you don’t need to find someone to do this. Simply hit “P”, then create a party and leave it. That’s all it takes, and that’s how people do this - you don’t have to make an actual party with another player.

You haven’t answered this question. :slightly_smiling_face:

In Hellgate Global, there was a card reset icon at the top left of the mini-map.I don’t see him here.It was very convenient.Is his return planned?

Sorry, missed that question.
No, it just didn’t spawn randomly. I don’t know why yet and haven’t isolated or “forced” the reason. It might not even have a consistent reason for doing this, which is even worse.

As for Global’s reset button, it certainly was convenient. We didn’t have plans to make one ourselves, but people already reset maps that way so we could.
No promises though, as that would require coding and UI tweaks - both of which are beyond my abilities.

Thank you for the comprehensive answers and for your patience.

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That’s all I did, once again, but Zero never appeared.I couldn’t miss it-I went through the WHOLE location.In short, I’m tired of it!I’ll work the old-fashioned way.(collect heads).Good luck.

Should I provide this additional data?

3 hours is the minimum to pass such a huge location qualitatively, slowly.Killing animals and collecting things. +2000000 experience points out of 6000000 needed to increase the rank.And the fact that the quest is not completed is not important.But on Wake Hallow, the rank increase is much faster and the passage is easier, compared to The Wild line.But going to The Wild without knowing if there will be Zero is a waste of time.All the best. :slightly_smiling_face:

I see, so it keeps happening. Sorry to hear, it’s being looked into.

Yes, any data you can provide would be useful. Level, class, frequency of the issue and whether the quest has been abandoned in-between cases - that sort of thing.

Guardian, level 50, rank 22.The first time I went through the entire location and didn’t find Zero,I went to the next location,came back,climbing the hills,into the hidden passages, returned to the station.When nothing helped, I dropped the quest.And of course on this day I, already, could not take it from Ken.The next day, when I failed, I did the same thing, but Zero did not appear, I left the quest for today.And, again, failure.
In all three cases, I thoroughly searched the ENTIRE location.The character has never died.P.S. I didn’t reset the quest, (there was a question mark over Ken’s head).I didn’t throw away the card because I quit the game, and the quest will still be repeated the next day.

Ah, here I did not understand what was needed from me. Popularly, please explain what this means.