Hybrid Zero in The Foreboding Wild

I see, thank you.

That’s fine, I meant what you’re describing here:

So consider this answered too :slight_smile:

Well, what should do now?

There’s nothing else you can do on your end except wait, I’m afraid.
But we might have figured this one out now, and the next patch will be ready soon. So if we’ve solved this it’ll be fixed soon too.

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I checked game client local data, the “bitmask01” column of other monsters are marked as “spawn”, only Hybrid Zero marked as “0” may be incorrectly, so this monster will never appear.

That’s what we’ve resorted to, yeah, and it did fix it :slight_smile:
Thanks for investigating though, much appreciated.

Does this mean that with the appearance of Zero in the location, now, there will be no problems?I really don’t want, again, to waste time looking for this cute animal. :slightly_smiling_face:

The fix is not live yet, mind you; above I just meant it now works on our closed server. The patch includes event modifications and other fixes too, so it takes its time.
When you see 1.5.8 is live is when you can hunt without fear again.