I am sorry... but how to get started

hey guys, i loved d2, i was hyped by hellgate london when it was announced and i think i played for a very short time but i was disappointed heavy and then all this buying/selling occured and i just lost interest on it. now it came to steam but only singleplayer and someone said i should check out this site

i registered and i clicked on how to get started and the first thing it sais i need a copy of hellgate london but where can i get that? does it work if i buy the steam version?

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Hi Zatom

The Steam version will not be compatible with London 2038. This project uses the original Hellgate:London game that Flagship Studios released in 2007. The Steam version is going to be a single player adaptation of the multiplayer game modified by the then new owners of the IP that purchased the game after Flagship collapsed. (Hanbitsoft/T3Fun). That version of the game will be closer to the Hellgate Global game rather than the original Hellgate: London game.

To play London 2038 you will need to obtain a serial number of the original game that was sold on DVD. You can still find copies of the game on Ebay and occasionally Amazon.

hey thanks for your reply,

so if i buy the dvd version on ebay or amazon, can i still download the game somehow or do i actually have to use the dvd? because i have no dvd drive :blush:

The most important thing is the serial number which is available with the boxed version. As for the base game itself, you could be creative about where you get that from via digital means.

The serial is only needed to install the original game, the server does not track them, so any serial you find on Google should be fine. The important part is getting a good copy of the game. Coppies can be found on eBay for as little as $10 USD.