I am stuck in dead mode

I respawned, but I am stuck in dead status. The game will not let me do anything.

Hi there Krathoon, welcome.
Was the character in Hardcore mode, by any chance? That’s the only case where this can normally happen, and is a feature of the mode.

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Hi Bryan. I’ll take this opportunity to ask a question on this topic. Why mock the character and the user? It’s not easier to simply confront the user (whose character died) with a fact. (Using a pop-up window).“Your character died and will not be resurrected. Create a new character.” As in normal mode. If a character dies, the game sends him to the station. And do not let the dead character run around the station and scare women. Almost like when killing monsters. They were killed and they lie and They don’t move. And after some time they disappear. I’ve gone overboard on something, too much. But I think you understand my point. You’ll figure it out. Bye. :smiley: :smile: :smile: :nerd_face:

Hi there Kole.
Nobody is being “mocked”. Hardcore has always functioned this way; dead characters get to stay around effectively as ghosts, which is what Flagship decided Hardcore death should look like for their own reasons (which I don’t get, personally, but I haven’t seen objections to the state either).
That death is permanent is clearly stated when the player enables Hardcore mode in the character creation screen, in the following text:

Hardcore mode enabled.
Hardcore characters cannot be resurrected or ghosted after dying. Death is permanent.

In addition, dead Hardcore players get a tombstone icon on their portrait in character selection and a death status in-game that features a halo.

Now yes, the death status icon only reads “Hardcore (Dead)” - which I suppose may confuse those who don’t remember the text above or assume there may be a resurrection option.
So perhaps it could use an expanded description, like that text from character creation? Would such an approach solve the issue here?

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First of all, I was joking when I wrote “mock”.And no claims to you and the developers, on this matter is not and can not be.Secondly, I have played other games in which the death of a character, the game rolls back the character to the previous save.Or, just crashes.But, probably this is not the case. Well, and thirdly.What is a bad option - on the example of the death of monsters? Died a man, lay down and disappeared! And nothing to explain to anyone. If the user did not understand, let him once again read the instructions - “Rules of the game in hard mode”.I think the game will be easier without these walking dead.Bye. :nerd_face: :smile: :smiley:

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I understand the point being made, and to some extent I agree; I also don’t get the reason for this death state.
However, this was Flagship’s design and it might make sense for other players. They might, for example, want to keep a dead lv50/50 character in that state as a memento of their achievement. So I’d rather not change how this has always functioned just because the final outcome isn’t to my liking. That dead characters can exist in this state may have some value for some players, and doesn’t cause any problems for others (that I can see). And the one issue I do agree may come up (ie a lack of clarity on the part of the dead character) could be addressed by making the state’s icon describe the state better.

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Although, if you look at it from the other side, maybe you shouldn’t touch anything.And leave everything as it was.After all, it will probably be difficult to redo.And I’m not sentimental.She died, so she died.I immediately deleted this character.And I live on.And as for the extended description, I do not agree.When creating a character in hard mode, it is clearly stated what and how.And if someone doesn’t understand something, it’s his problem.No need to wipe everyone’s nose.All adults.And you don’t need a babysitter.Sorry, I’m writing what I think.While. :nerd_face: :disguised_face: :slightly_smiling_face:

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