I honestly dont like this community

I find there are players who - when I need time for things around the house and go afk - use party portals in parliament to place my inactive toon in combat where it dies. I am certain they find this maliciously funny … fuck you kiddies. You reflect badly on the community … this has happened so many times that I quit. I love the game but will not tolerate intarweb thugs. I also wont speak kindly of the game and its community.


Seems a bit harsh Jim. Maybe I am missing something here but surely people will be using portals in popular areas regardless of you and others also in that area? It happens. As a HCE player I have lost high level characters doing it while nipping off for 5mins to make a coffee- perma death… I have learned never to take the risk.
Generally the community here is great, small, but friendly and helpful. Particularly in the HCE community anyway.
Not sure why you are taking it so personally but as I said, maybe I am missing something?


Jim has a point. There are some pretty jerky players here. I stopped playing for a while because of some of the behavior. Sometimes you have to walk away. I wouldn’t say it was the whole community or even a majority. However, there always a couple that can create a toxic environment for some players. Of course there is the other side of the coin. I see a tirade when this could have been addressed a bit more maturely. In the end it’s just a game, there is no need to go postal about it.

Happens a number of times each week. I purposely place the toon way out of the way. Honestly they find me and shanghai me. I know better than to remain either on the portal pad or the transport target. I have been shanghaied from behind the lockers. Its not an accident. It has probably happened 20 times.

You are experiencing a bug, which is documented in the known issues list, which can cause a player to be teleported to a nearby hostile zone randomly. There is no way for a player to teleport another player without their permission.

It has nothing to do with malicious players…