Idea: Some sort of guide/lookup to London 2038 Abbreviations

So I was having a discussion with some fellow players and the topic got onto the often used Abbreviated/short-handed language used on the forum and in-game and with that how hard it is to understand for newcomers to the game/community.

Some of what is discussed in global chat and on this forum I have no shame in admitting that some topics turn into moonspeak for me because the abbreviations of things are used widely but there is no place to go so you can find out what it means (at least from what I can see) so I can only imagine how a newcomer would feel not knowing what any of it means.

For those in the know, it would seem obvious what something like “BiS”, “DPE”, “PP” or “CC” would mean but if you put yourselves in a new players shoes you may be able to see how they may get confused.

What I would love to see is a page made that “London 2038” speak could be listed so new people if they have issues working things out could review and learn from :smiley:


Definitely a good idea, and probably quite easy to do. A few of these vary, but a community effort could see that through.


Most abbreviations we use are used in many online games but i ll toss a few from the top of my head:

DPS = damage per seconds
DD = damage dealer
CC = Critical chance or crowd control
CCM = critical chance multiplier
CDB = critical damage bonus
PP = party portal (the blue circle on player’s portrait: click on that to warp to that person. Easy to miss feature)
PRD = personal relocation device
ID = Identify (in that kind of game it’s often for using an analyzer or whatever to reveal item stats)
BiS = Best in Slot (referred to the best possible piece of gear for that specific slot)
DR = damage reduction
MM = marksman
HP = Hit/health point


A few more of my own. Including some frequent abbreviations that are not strictly acronyms.

AP = armor penetration
DPE = damage per execution
Hpb = hit point bonus (referring to hp% affixes)
TAV = total armor value (referring to “total armor value increased” affixes)
DA = damage absorption (synonymous with DR)
Sfx = elemental effects (ignite, poison, etc)
RoF = rate of fire
CD = cooldown
DoT = Damage over time
Ele = elemental damage (referring to “adds x% fire/toxic/etc damage” affixes)
PP = power points
MD = minion damage (referring to +minion damage affixes)
MS = movement speed
eHP = effective hp (referring to effective hit points after mitigation/shields)
Onhit = novas/effects that trigger when an enemy is hit
Onkill = novas/effects that trigger when an enemy is killed
Whenhit = novas/effects that trigger when the player is hit
ACC = Accuracy
STR = Strength
STA = Stamina
WILL = Willpower
Do(t)D = The Dawn of the Dead map

Then there’s class abbreviations, that may vary but most commonly are
BM = Blademaster
MM = Marksman
Evo = Evoker
Gua = Guardian
Eng(y/i) = Engineer
Sum(m)(y) = Summoner

Also boss abbreviations, that may also vary;
Mol(l)y/Molli = Moloch
Dessy/Dessi = Dessicator
Imho = Imhotep
Ankh = Ankhsunamun

Finally, skill abbreviations that will also probably vary quite a bit;
SoJ = Sword of Justice
SoR = Sword of Reckoning
ST = Sword Typhoon
WW = Whirlwind
PoR = Path of Righteousness
CW = Crusader Wrath
AoZ = Aura of Zeal
AoP = Aura of Power
AoD = Aura of Deflection
BoP = Balance of Power
GD = Great Defender
PoH = Prayer of Healing
And so on. Knowing skill names usually helps identify those quickly in their contexts, especially since they tend to vary a bit.
A few do overlap with each other (ie “SoR” may also be Surge of Restoration, “Resto” may be Surge of Restoration or Templar Restoration - the latter usually being “TR”) or with other abbreviations (ie “CD” may be Concentrate Damage instead of cooldown, “MS” may be Multishot instead of movement speed, etc).