Identify b4 sell or dismantle?

U get the same mats or paladium if u have identified and item than if u havent?

I have not confirmed scrap materials yet, but sell price is higher and by lvl 10+ rare and above items usually pay for the analyzer in the increased sell price. I’ll break down equal lvl items that are analyzed and unanalyzed and see how many rare and basic mats I get.

::edit:: I’ve found that if you stack the mats in two columns, with the 4 normal mats above and the 4 rare below, you can distinguish pretty easily how breakdowns go. From the looks of it, the higher the item is priced, the more mats you also get on the breakdowns. It’s up to you if you want to use up Analyzers at that rate though. I think the materials depend on the type of bonuses each weapon has, such as the properties you can add with the Augmentrix. Un-identified gear has yielded, at best, 1 part of scrap respective to whatever the breakdown gives (item levels 10-15); If it’s a green and below, it’s the normal mats or a rare, but usually only a single piece, whereas these, when analyzed, yield 2-4 rare at times and more of the white mats.

Sometimes less sometimes more. Depends on properties. But overall with bule and highier items You will be getting more than less.If You care about achievement it is a way to do it.

I can confirm that the amount of craft materials acquired correlates with the sell price of the item, netting you roughly that much more in % after identifying due the price increasing.

Here’s what I usually do as I progress in the game:

  • clvl 1-10: ID everything I get, equip what is better, dismantle the normal items right after picking them up. Keep the enhanced and above until getting a full inventory, return to town and sell everything over 50 worth of palladium, dismantle the rest.
  • clvl 11-15: continue doing the same but the sell threshold is at 75 now
  • clvl 15-20: enhanced items are getting dismantled right after their drop in the dungeon, without getting ID-d. At that point you’ll be equipped in better rare/double-edged/legendary gear
  • clvl 20-25: continue with the same logic but sell threshold is at 100 now. By this time you should have acquired the Piecemaker. Set it to auto-dismantle up to enhanced for all gear.
  • clvl 25-30: Rare armor pieces are also automatically dismantled, right after them dropping. Weapons, mods and trinkets are left at getting auto-dismantled up to enhanced quality, as you can still find nice rare quality specimens of those. Selling threshold is increased to 150.
  • clvl 30+: Sell threshold is at 200 at least, and increase it gradually as you see fit. Double-edged gear is dismantled manually without ID-ing on spot from now on (to skip legendary tier). They are garbage at this point, not worth to keep for selling either.