If Techa Arms are Engineer , which are MM?

I saw a bunch of Techa arms on the auctionhouse and all of them has high %minion damage,
which clearly makes them designed for Engineer use, since miniondamage is a wasted
enchant for the MM.

And since i’m always paying attention to, and promoting balance in gear,
i’m now wondering which arms that are considered Abyss-drop, are designed for the MM ?.

Putting techa on a MM feels like a waste of perfectly find Engineer armor.

The TC sets were not designed with one class in mind, for the most part. They carried affixes for both classes of their faction, even if they ended up being useless for one or the other. Much like how Somberg’s Guise has the shared Beacon, but also the MM-only Elemental Beacon.

MMs shouldn’t have Unique Abyss-only gloves then. They can still use Legendary Techa gloves with +stats or affixes of choice, or the ever-valuable Duellos that has more CC than those.
That said, I would like a second Abyss set per faction that better fits the off class. Say, Ferals are not quite useful for non-minion Evokers outside of inherent +CC and +damage, since they’re packed with +melee speed, thorns, hp, minion stats, and so on.