Installation doesn't work

Yeah, well, as you can read from the topic, i have a full 2007 version of the game with working CD-key, but something round 80% of installation, cd starts to make crazy sounds and progress stays frozen. Maybe the cd is damaged, but there is no scratch to be seen.
Any advice, where i can get the game data? As mentioned above, i don’t want to have advice on how to get a cracked version or any other illigal stuff.
Thanks in advance.

Buy another copy at ebay.

I dont want to spend money to buy a game i already bought. Is there no way to download the data to install it with my own game key?

The product key doesn’t matter in 2038’ reality. So you may download the .iso elsewhere and use your legal cd-key. I think this is not a piracy, you just download the image of that you have.

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Do you know a place to get the iso? Only found crakced versions so far.

PMed you some information

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Freezing at 75-80% for a while is normal.

Depending on how long you’ve waited, you could try copying the disc contents to a local drive and running the installer from there. If copying fails then you might have a damaged disc.