Installation issue

Hello out there, I havent seen a post for this so Ill post. Has anyone run into an issue where you copy over the launcher and it says legal line entry m issing. It follows by giving a strange menu with four choices? where did i go wrong?

Hi there Lexx, welcome aboard!

Could you share a screenshot of this issue? I’m afraid it doesn’t immediately come to mind, so I might need to forward it for review.

Ok so it changed from the bizarre men

u to just this

which is odd as i installed from the original game disk

and here is the other one the first one i mentioned

Either you forgot to do the official SP and MP patches before doing the Revival and/or 2038 Mod Patch

or you did the Mod Patches out of Order. I came up on this once before myself.

Youll have to revert if it allows you, if not, then youll have to uninstall Hellgate, delete the remaining contents in the folder and then reinstall Hellgate and the patches in their proper order provided in the instructions.