Installation problem

Got an iso of the game but the install never completes. Left it for an hour and it stays with the progress bar full but only a cancel selection below it.

My system should run this with it’s eyes closed.

Ryzen 5 5600x
16gb ddr4 3200
Rtx 3070

Not getting any popup messages, nothing else was happening it just sits there using 5.5MB of memory.
Can’t move the window (crash?)

Tried running in admin mode.
Tried normal and advanced install.

Hi there Secondson, welcome.
The installation getting stuck is fairly common, unfortunately. It tends to get stuck around 70% though, and admittedly I haven’t often seen it get stuck at ~100% like yours.
It doesn’t seem related to specs, from what I’ve seen. Restarting the installation tends to fix it (example from the other day), eventually if not on the first try, but you seem to have done this already. So patience and persistence is all I can advise, unless someone has more specific insights (eg OS-related ones).

Tried the 32-bit and 64-bit installer instead of the setup.exe and it still gets stuck near 100% like the OP. I’m currently on Win10.

Edit: So it does install it’s just that the setup will not close gracefully. I was able to just kill the process and everything was installed.

Stuck at 100% but completely uninstalls if i kill the process. Actually managed to patch MP and London 2038, launched the game and tried logging into the sever. However, after I restarted my PC, over 5gb of data went missing as if the base files were never installed