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London 2038

Hi, I am very glad to participate at this forum and the Londom 2038 project impressed me so much for reviewing.

Actually I have a tech blog site and I would like to review London 2038 project to my website. Here is my website. May I go further with this project for reviewing?

Please let me know. I shall be thankful to you for your valuable feedback.

With regards,

Hi Marshall, welcome. And many thanks for your kind words, of course.

By all means, feel free to go ahead. We wouldn’t object to reviews, and we couldn’t if we wanted to. If anything, they’re welcome as a vote of confidence.
If you happen to need any specific information, I’d be happy to assist.

A propos, I’ve worked for ample blogs in my day. At a glance, I must say yours looks up to industry standards - so kudos for that.


Thank you so much for your valuable feedback :pray:. I shall discuss with our community team for reviewing.

If you dont mind could you please tell me what is best feature of the project?

It really depends on what one deems a feature, and it’s rather hard to pick a specific one as the universal best. For instance, that it even offers multiplayer would be its best feature for many.
In terms of QoL features, it would seem that the Piecemaker generally gets the most attention. In terms of gameplay, a contender would be the tutorial quests since they offer Retrainers that players had wanted of the original for years. And there’s others, of course, but I couldn’t comfortably grade them. Perhaps it’d be best to seek the opinions of players on our Discord server - unless you’re specifically looking for my own opinion, that is.

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