Introduction & Questions

Hello! I’m brand new to the London 2038 community. I’m an old time fan of the game, having put way too many hours back in 07-08 up to the death of the Flagship servers. I even spent a few months with T3’s Hellgate Global / Resurrection about 4 or 5 years ago.

Anyway, with the Steam announcement, I decided to give the game another go. I installed my old disc and was looking for the latest patch. That googling lead me to a 2038 link and I was surprised and thrilled that a private multiplayer server existed with this community. I immediately signed up and spent a handful of hours last night getting a Marksman up to level 8.

So, Hello again! I’ll be grinding up and hopefully I’ll run into some of you in Chat or a multiplayer session in the next coming weeks and months.

My question… How’s the economy? I enjoy loot games that have a good trading community. If a trading scene exists, where does that happen? Forums, trade chat, discord? What about an auction house? If I remember correctly, the Korean Resurrection game was able to establish an auction house system. Did that code make it’s way to 2038 servers?

Thanks! I look forward to playing with you folks soon!

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The original auction house is in the game and is serviced by terminals. The one I use the most is at Stonehenge. The economy is robust enough, but as with any game like this the biggest guilds are the wealthiest which means they essentially control and drive the economy. It does function perfectly well though but don’t expect to be buying high tier gear until you have put a great many hours into a character.

Welcome back to the most awesome game ever made!

Thanks for the reply NiKKeZ. I’m sure I’ll be grinding solo for a couple weeks before I’m in any position to start chasing high end gear. It’s just nice to know it’s there and there’s a community active enough to fuel any economy at all