Is MMBBQ back already?

Looks like auto bot farming has arrived in 2038.
Character Engi1 was running GnipPong on auto today(as I type this). Not sure where best to report as I dont do Discord.
Such a shame that people just cant resist the temptation.

You don’t actually need an account on discord to join and contact the admins.
You can just use the link on the main page ( and type in a random username to get in touch with someone.
I did not find any other way to actually report players.

Are you sure MMBBQ was used?
Did he just make gnip spawn or did he actually get inside, teleport, kill it, get outside etc.?

I only mention MMBBQ as it was the common hack at the end of HGGlobal. The behavior of Engi1 was typical of the AFK Tottenham Court Road farming from those days. Its probably just a simple enter / strike/ exit routine with the farmer returning to pick up spoils after a period. Nothing complex but of course cheating all the same.

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Sry guys but I were not doing auto farm, me and my friend where trying to find hus, very hard to get the hands om these days. And still after one day we didn’t get much. The staff has done something with the game decreasing the good drops… And farm is not cheating. It takes the same time doing anything else… Have been playing hgl since the beginning of the game

If that is the case you have my apologies. You did not respond to my chat contacts and gave every appearance of being afk.
Nothing wrong with farming Gnip or anywhere else as long as its you doing it :slight_smile:
Better luck next time!

Ty my friend. Maybe I didn’t c the chat. sometimes I just have it on guild or something… I will answer next time