Is the chata box acting weird or am i misunderstanding how channels work?

sometimes when i start typing a message, local chat gets selected instead of chat-1. sometimes switching back to main channel is required only once, sometimes i need to do that after every message. once i somehow typed in my current station’s channel.

chat tabs could use some customization - it’s too easy to accidentally scroll messages out of view by receiving warnings of insufficient inventory space.

chat help button is insufficiently helpful - as i understand it, it lists several aliases for the same command and lists commands that can be performed through UI buttons, meanwhile it omits info about joining the primary chat.

i also wanted to say that maybe the chat box could use dark transparent background even when not active, but seeing how dark most of the area are so far, it probably won’t even make much of a difference.

realized the chat tab sometiems switches to Local - i don’t think i was the one switching tabs, but i don’t exclude that. althought i don’t keep the chat open together with inventory and i have the cursor far away from the tabs when i hold Alt.

Yes, I also have the same problems. Chat-hopping is getting more often than before patch 1.5…