Is there any chance to get attribute retrainer?

is there any chance to get attribute retrainer other than buying from CH or drop from bosses?needed to respec but costs much than im willing to affford.and besides, the item affixes in wiki seems not includes “increases use rate of Marksman” and other classes related increased use rate.please check,thank u so much for ur time.

Hey there!

Besides the bosses (Moloch, Talox) you could try your luck and use the cube recipe. (30x Shiny, 10x Demon Essence, 10x Spectral Essence → Transmogrifying Cube Recipes - London 2038)
Although I wouldn’t advise it, as it is pretty expensive, you can get each of the retrainers from it.


well, that cost more than just buy one retrainer.

Those are indeed the only sources of Attribute Retrainers at the moment. There’s also the option of the Retrainer NPC in Holborn, who can refund individual points, but the cost of this service seems to still be too steep (despite a 90% reduction from FSS’s set cost).
The only immediate additions to this that come to mind are two; a proposed recipe, which might include an Attribute Retrainer among its possible outcomes, and the upcoming expansion’s bosses, which could logically include Retrainers as well - since the intent is for them to be both more challenging than current bosses and appealing enough to farm.

This seems to be because such affixes cannot roll normally in affix slots like the ones in the current list. As in, existing affixes have specific requirements, which make them a possible roll if met.
Affixes like “increased use rate of [class] skills” and “increased Group Attack damage” don’t follow this pattern exactly. Instead, they’re either a custom part of a Unique affix set (eg Techa Battlecore) or a part of an inherent affix pool for specific items (ie slower swords and Order armor, in this example).
So, there might need to be a separate page for such affixes, with its own criteria columns and so on. For readability, if anything. I’m not sure how this would handle cases of “parts of Unique affixes”, like the “[class] userate” ones, but it’d likely be the better start.

is there any chance that items in CH could be sorted by inputting key words?

I’d imagine so, since Global had this functionality.
That would require dev work, however, so I really can’t comment on any specifics beyond that.

Great,since searching at CH now is kinda painful now. and how will the CCM mods work? Like CCM VS demons, does it work only with weapon CC or CC at base statistics?

Generally, CCM will work on the hand’s total CC value (as displayed in the stats tab).
So if you have 20 CC from armor and 10 CC on a 2-handed weapon, all CCM mods in it will multiply a CC of 30. This value will only be displayed in the right hand, by memory.
If you have 20 CC from armor, 10 CC on a 1-handed weapon held in the left hand, and 5 CC on one held in the right hand, the CCM mods in each will multiply their respective hand’s CC. CCM mods in the left weapon will multiply a CC of 30, and ones in the right weapon will multiply a CC of 25. Each set will only buff its own weapon, of course.
Dual-wielding foci is much more complex, and I don’t think an entirely solid conclusion has been reached yet. See this post on HGA, and the cited threads and tests, for reference.

i noticed that there is a CC cap then mentioned, how much is it.

The crit cap is 95%.
The forum post that Bryan linked states that as well a little further down.

good.i can spare some slot to CD for now. only 65 CCM is enough to meet the cap