Items Going Missing

Have had two items disappear from inventory in the last week. First a whole gun (Nickolas) was gone from engi, now guard had mod (rocket) go from the gun. I remember the mod had only been fitted the last time I logged him on.
Not sure how widespread this is or if it has gotten worse recently?

It does seem to be more frequently reported, though it might just be that players have been more active recently.

We’re investigating the issue, hopefully it will be fixed soon :slight_smile:

Maybe in that context, i had something weird happening a few days ago.
I was looking at chat linked Core Slicers while on my MM. Then suddenly all went red (the items as if i couldnt wear them) and i had one of the Core Slicers in my right hand. When i clicked on it it went invisible and it didnt look like i was wearing it on the real model. I didnt do much more as i was in panic to have lost my gun in exchange for a core slicer that i dont need. After relogging everything was back to normal.

Thanks for the info. This is a reminder that the forum is not the proper place for this. Please make a bug report with all relevant details using the bug report form.

sry to say im still loosing modes from my guns
Just log in this morning ad 11:30 and notes my gatlin is empty from modes

i tryed this ones before where i was able to fit a 2 set of modes in same gun
remove modes from char 1 char . I put gun in schared stach to my 2nd char ,and was abel to get the old modes out . funny stuff ,

time between 11:00 to 12 :00 am
location Denmark
Char Names (on3fr3akazoid engi ) ( on3fr3ak mm )
regards from David.

Hello. Was busy for 3 days. Came back, patched game and got some lost weapons, but. Lost 3 relics from necro ripshard, sadface.
Logged on right now and found missing. Char name Sorka (evoker) weapons was in F3 slot. Whats interesting is another hand rip’s mods are okay. Idk if I should put this info here, just copying from bugreport.