It's time to duel?

So, here’s a question: Do you guys out there want to do PvP? Currently the only option is a partially functional duel that doesn’t really feel fun. I’ve personally had ideas about PvP being more team based (if you saw my last few streams you’ll know where I’m going here) however there’s something I entirely forgot. Would anyone want to play it? As a veteran of Warframe I know that some games just don’t have the right gameplay or the right players to enjoy PvP. Please let me know in this thread if team based PvP would be something you’re interested in.

i won’t PvP, no matter the format, rules or rewards.

Not questioning the sentiment, but is there a specific reason?

i’m not sure. most likely my crippling social anxiety, also the kind of gameplay i have this game associated with.

i think the only game i enjoyed PvPing in was Platenside 2. i get to pew-pew someone, i get pew-pewed down eventually. it’s vast and impersonal. because of how open the format is, there is no pressure, therefore i’m free to enjoy the interactions almost the same way i would enjoy a singleplayer game.

playing in a team makes me feel the pressure to perform as best as possible. it doesn’t matter what others say - the pressure will be there, i can’t rationalize it away. and i’m not playing games to feel stressed.


Totally get you. Thank you for the feedback.

No. PvP is only good when both sides have access to the same assets, or there will be unbalances. Proper netcode is required and the amount of work that needs to go into a good pvp game is way WAY beyond anything we have here. A game has to be planned for PvP from the very beginning or it will feel like shit.

If some people say they want PvP, dont listen either. They might say yes and play it once then never touch it again.

To quote my Discord post on this,

I happen to have very fond memories of Global’s midgame PvP, and I’d very much like the option here. I find level brackets interesting, and would ideally want to see both Test-like modes and PvPvE content.
But it would take massive amounts of work, and it seems to have little appeal. So :man_shrugging:

In addition, I’d very likely

because I don’t play in general.

So all in all, I’d like it because it could offer a good gamemode to break the base game’s monotony, and it could introduce level brackets that craft up new “metas”.
BUT, it would take lots of work, and it seems to have very little appeal. So probably not happening.