Kinda stuck at Parliament Square

Hey. This is a weird one. I’m playing Steam version of the game, currently lvl53 and at parliament square.
I defeated all 4 bosses at Abyss, then noticed there are no new main quests available. I completed all side quests at parliament square, all that is left to do is to kill first 3 abyss bosses on repeat. Each time i kill one, i get a quest piece. when i hover cursor on any of those pieces (which i have 7 now), it tells me when i collect 3 different pieces, i can receive a feather. Thing is i have all 3 pieces, even 3 duplicates from one and i cant do anything with them. Is my game bugged or im missing some iq points? i went over to youtube and noticed a guy talked to Titus in parliament square which had him go talk to Carrie. When he spoke to Carrie, he went back to parliament square and it was under attack. Since i dont have a quest available from Titus to speak to Carrie, I cant seem to progress the story. Please help.

Hi, ähm hmm…

The London: 2038 Forum might not be the best place for this question, since the Steam version is basicly a different game.

The Steam version is also most likely the worst version with all the bugs and performance problems.
I couldnt even reach the point in the game where you are at because of bugs.

So its likely that it is indeed a bug or just an item you have to use first or something else.

You mean this quest to get to Tokyo right?

Eddit: “You must defeat Buriel in Second Attack. He is the end boss of Second Attack. When you have completed the base game and defeated Sydonai, you will be given a quest to head to Closed Station - where Second Attack main quest starts. By Buriel he means Berial, first kill Behemoth, Nahema and lilith then open Berial. Then you get a quest where the Parliament Square is under attack. Find the portal with in.”

Stole that answer from the steam forums that should be it.

Yes, I cant get to tokyo. Thing is, I’ve already defeated Berial, he came after i defeated first 3 abyss bosses and i completed everything in second attack.

It seems the feather is (intended to be) produced by combining the 3 pieces in the Cube: Transmogrifying Cube - Hellgate Global Wiki / Hellgate Resurrection Wiki
Perhaps that’s the missing step here?