LauncherV2.7z is not a zip

I am trying to get a actual file to execute a new launcher. I already have the patch

Hi there Ash :slight_smile:
For .7z files you may use 7-Zip:

I have already tried that, however all I can seem to find to download from the Google drive is a notepad file. Is there some place I can download the launcher besides than here? London2038LauncherV2.7z - Google Drive

I don’t know of alternative download sources, I’m afraid. Following that link, however, this is what I’m presented with - which is the proper files:

What is the notepad file you’re finding instead of those (ie its file name and contents)? Just so I can try to identify the issue.

See the attached image. In your browser, on the google drive page, click the icon i’ve (badly) circled in red and the 7z file should download

This is the file I dl’ed. I tried every thing to open, and it only seems to open with notepad.

Got BreeZip and it was able to extract. Even after all this it looks like I have to reinstall. Will do so when I get my cd/dvd drive fixed. Thanks Bryan, From Brian (Ash)

WinRar will also extract the files.