Lets look London 2038 better - ReShade Graphics guide

1)You need to download ReShade program https://reshade.me
2)After you download it (my current version is Version 3.4.1) you need to start it,double-click on the “ReShade_Setup_3.4.1”.
3)And this is IMPORTANT,because you need to select the right game EXE wich is located my exmp: “D:\London 2038\MP_x64\London2038_dx10_x64.exe” and press OPEN ( you can also youse dx9 wehn you like it more).
4)!!FIRST!! you have to choose “OpenGl” and press “Yes”,apply everything, that the program will ask you to(it will load required effects into your game)!!SECOND!! you have to do the same thing by instead of “OpenGl” you have to choose “Direct3D 10” and press “YES”
5)Start your game and the ReShade will start to work it may take about 10-20 sec. to load,it may even look like the game is crashed,but it’s not,just take your time and wait.
6)Start your game,go somewhere outside so you can see the changes, that you’re going to do with ReShade
7)Press “Shift + F2” it will open the ReShade overlay: you need to name your ReShade for this game just type anything and press “Apply”.
8)Now you’re in the ReShade menu and you can tweak it as you want,just toggle any effect in or out,but I’ll name the effects, that I used in my ReShade , press HOME in your ReShade and you’ll see all of’em let’s begin:
*Mode1(if you want your game to look sharper)
that’s it
9)Now go to the “SETTINGS” of your ReShade program and choose “Effect toggle Key” just choose any key that you don’t use in the game,so you can press in on a fly to see effects ON and OFF
10)Good job,you did it,now you can adjust it as you want to,to suit your ingame atmosphere