Level 25 Uniques on Nightmare

This is a low priority fix, but i’ve spoken to many players and we all agree that it would be a VERY welcomed change if uniques would increase in level once you start killing on nightmare. Yes… a player can “nano” a Unique to a higher level, but that doesn’t increase the bonuses the item gives, only its damage and armor.

For example. Sydonais chestpiece on normal gives +8 AA, and since this enhancedment’s power is locked by level, it would only be logical that this chestpiece can drop on nightmare with a much higher item-level which also means it’s bonuses would reach a higher level. So instead of +8AA you would be given an +AA appropriate to the level increase.

It’s kinda moot to kill a level 50+ boss and see him drop a level 26 or even level 7-8 uniques… slap in the face really - for a lootbased game.

But as i said, this is a low priority wishfull thinking / idea.