London 2038 damage and chance formula


is this damage formula postet at Hellgate Revival still accurate and valid?

PDO (Pure Damage Output) = Base Damage * Rate of Fire * (1 + Elemental Damage) * [1 + Damage Multiplier + Critical Chance * Critical Damage Bonus] * (1 + Rate of Fire Bonus)

or is it like this?
PDO (Pure Damage Output) = Base Damage * Rate of Fire * (1 + Elemental Damage) * (1 + Damage Multiplier)*(1 + Critical Chance * Critical Damage Bonus) * (1 + Rate of Fire Bonus)


Where is the term for the critical damage? Is it like
(1 + Damage Multiplier)*(1 + Critical Chance * ((Critical Damage+Critical Damage Bonus))?

What is the exact value for the Critical Chance to kick in (does effect the damage output)? I head something about 20%. Is that exact? Are there more set values like this regarding the formula?


Afaik the first one is right where crit, %damage, %damage against caste and some other are within one multiplicator.

Dunno if i understood right but crit kicks in at every level even 1% - it just takes more average hits to get a crit.

Whats missing in the formula is Beacon, Phase and armor penetration where mobs take more dmg which should be another multiplicator (1,2 or 3 i dont know).

I also dont know where the ads damage affix and adds elemental damage goes into exactly.

Hi there aladinf,

thanks again for your answer. I was told that for Guardians (Templar in general?!) the critical chance stuff wouldn’t work because there is a limiting value of min 20% on critical chance. So i expect now, that a critical chance below 20% won’t increase the damage at all and has no effect. Since i can not find any official public published information about this value limitation and can’t see behind the curtain of the calculation, i am currently investigating by playing around with lifting the critical chance to see if that is true or not.

Since there is no critical damage in the first formula, would the seperate critical chance term in it’s complete form look like this?
[1 + Damage Multiplier + Critical Chance * (Critical Damage + Critical Damage Bonus)]

Strangely enough, someone can clearly see critical chance and critical damage values increasing in the defense overview for left and right hand when adding damage mods and critical chance trinkets.

I don’t want a Guardian to be a run-gunner but at least want to feel that i can do damage at all in catacombs and abyss (in particular to end bosses). When i read for example in the Prima Guide of Hellgate London that Guardians are supposed to be front-line-fighters and protectors, in gameplay and here especially in Abyss, Catacombs and Stonehenge levels, i mostly have to stay behind Evokers and other factions to clear most of the area for me first. So i wonder why this has been changed in the game…

Also, from what i heard about the Guardian in comments of players, the Guardian does not really have a good image compared to all the other factions. Mostly negative comments for example “crappy character” and so on. Anyway, i like playing the Guardian because of its protecting and supporting role, even though it seemingly has no realy purpose in the current gameplay anymore. Most of the other factions can clear and do Westminster Catacombs on their own, even though these levels are suppose to be MP.

Thanks and BR

It is pretty hard as a guardian to do some melting on the Cata Bosses. I am having a hard time killing Morax at all (the boss that digs in and comes out full health). A few months ago a Guardian could use 2 Vorpals and stuff them with on hit mods and melt bosses. but this is a thing of the past as it was overpowered. I have yet to find a combination of skills/gear on the guardian that kills a Cata Mobs faster than igniting it (for which he has some good weapon options). But yeah it is currently the hardes class to make dps viable. I am currently looking into shield throw and it has some potential.

On the crit thing and if it is viable or not you have to see what critdam and critchance you have and what the gear and the skills of a class can provide. If you already have 10% crit and 1000 Critdam and you have to decide wether to use a mod with 22% increase damage or 2% critchance, it is a matter of maths and the 22% in that case is slightly better.
But to get you in a situation where a critchance or critdam mod can be better than other means of damage you need to get certain crit and critdam values via stats or on your armor or via skills. Sadly apart from Shieldthrow there is not much for a guardian in that area. So indeed crit doesnt matter that much for a guardian.

But especially in Cata groups guardians a pretty welcome because he can taunt the Cata 12 Bosses and Talox minion which saves alot of time.

I would be happy to talk to you and meet you ingame. You’re welcome to contact me there (same char name).