Loss of drones equipment

My engineer’s drone lost equipment and Its stat points were reset 12.17.2019.
The lost eqipment does not appears anywhere
Rebooting the game does not help.

(Sorry for google translate)

Happens somewhat frequently- lost a lightning leech launcher and a hikidas due to this “drone bug”. Call me when the “alpha” is over.

Hello. The Drone bug is indeed present; it’s documented and it’s being worked on. I’m afraid nothing can be done about individual occurrences until it’s fixed.

Thank you for an answer, Bryan

It seems to me that this only applies if you go into the rift in this location. I successfully passed this map several times and the equipment disappeared only after I visited the rift in this location. Maybe temporarily disable the appearance of rifts in it?

Unfortunately it doesn’t seem to be limited to that specific location, or specifically to Rifts. It might well be, to be fair, but we haven’t confirmed such a connection yet.
Such observations do help though, so thank you for keeping an eye out.

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