Luck and drones

I found a piece of torso armor for my eng with the attribute +210 luck. While wearing it I disintegrate the mob (stonehenge) and get no drops. This seems odd, is it? Shouldnt I get extra drops instead of no drops?

My eng is lvl47 with a decent stick and just under 200 accuracy and while I can remove molochs shields and do about 10 percent damage he will single shot me. I dont use a drone - I use haste and bomber. I am in MP but playing solo. Must I have a drone for tanking the boss? I remember drones being fairly wobly. Or is it just pointless for lvl47 to solo moloch.


luck doesn’t, as far as I know, affect the amount of drops, or the chance that a drop will occur, only the quality of item(weapon, armour) dropped.

Welcome to life as an Engineer in the current Alpha phase 2038! They are now “Glass pop guns”, hopefully they will get some love come Beta.