Marksman Munitions underperforming

I’ve made myself a Markman with the intent on using a Ravager and combining
it with the 3 munitionskills, Ravager, Rebounder and Concussion with some
added support from Multishot.

But today after i spoke to someone experienced with these abilities, i found out that
2 of the 3 munitionskills are severely underperforming at quiet literally not worth taking
beyond 1 skillpoint .
Apparently Rebounder and Concussion are suffering from performance issues
and even their synergi was supposedly not worth the extra points beyond 1.
There was also the issue that without Multishot, all three of these skills simply falls
flat on their face. And my Munitions-Marksman being level 28 with most skills
invested into the 3 munitions, i’m not getting the wow-feeling for a 21 point investment
into 3 skills that are suppose to grow stronger from synergi.

I also learned that apparently even with maxed out munitions and Ravager-rifle,
this entire build is easily outshined by Rapidfire/Multishot Odin build.

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it wiil be a great concern because i’m gonna make ammunition build MM. as you said, it costs a lot of skill point, and plus there is endgame ammor which increase ballistic 2 skill points which means it needs to be a meaningful build. because of its high cost skill point, that build need to be a standalone build without multishot or much powerful build with multishot (in this case, MM has no other skill point to give)

Mhhh weird. TBH i levelled my MM with a summoner friend so it was kinda hard to see what was happening on my screen. I also was using double hellrail, which turn out to become unplayable after you spec multishot and swapped to a pair of nanto which are not that great with munitions.

However, once i got some gear and a few ranks, combined with some shield pen, the munitions feels amazing. Maybe it’s due to the Odin, but ravager was roughly the same.
Enter a room, pop multishot and spray the fuck up ! Poof everything is gone. When entering an AB, you basically are some kind of turret and can usually get a safe entrance with a single multishot.

It’s only a one man opinion, but levelling wasnt that great, but once you get above this kind of “cap” then my MM became super fun to play with.

ricocheting projectiles are great with AOE weapons. i carry one of those 6m AOE cannons and ricocheting bullets lets it clear so fast, even better in closed areas.

concussion rounds i didn’t take, but it looks like a defencive option. i tried to find if interrupts may do something extra - there’s a possibility interrputed target briefly loses armor, but there’s no solid evidence for or against that.

In what way are they underperforming, according to that player?
Each Round has its uses. Rebounder reaches 100% rebound rate, and its synergy remains high - but it’s better in confined spaces, naturally. Concussion multiplies interrupt strength, so it’s better suited for high base interrupt strength guns.
It’s fair to say that few guns can make optimal use of all 3 at once, but I’d argue it’s a build choice - much like Grenades are. Also keep in mind that Ravager Rounds are still bugged, even after the recent quickfix, so comparing the 3 in terms of performance is even more quirky.

The issue there seems to be that MS works with Rounds by definition. So any buffs to base Rounds would be multiplied by MS; seeing how well the two work together now, it sounds risky at best.

All that said, I wouldn’t be against redesigns. Say, I liked the old crit-based Rounds more conceptually. But I’d need some solid metrics to make any strong suggestions, because the current Rounds are pretty clear about what they do - and how they might perform in different situations and setups.