Merkabah Shield Throw desync bug

I reskilled my Guardian today to a shield guardian to see how far he can be taken damagewise with shield skills and how a fluid gameplay could be arranged. It doesnt look that bad but i stumbled over a weird bug with shield throw.

I started to see that it doesnt hit mobs when it should. First i thought it is the known orbile desync of mobs but it wasnt this. I couldnt even see the flying shield allthough the animation happened. Switching instances helped for some time as does weapon switching but it occurs again and angain once it started.

Then i noticed when i throw the shield and look around i can see it flying somewhere totally else seemingly starting from a position where i had been standing before.

I made a video (you can see it best at sec 0:23 - sorry vimeo seems to downgrade my videos badly and the bandicam logo sit right over the mobs healthmeter).

My Ping was good and other weapons are registering. It was the merkabah though. And other shields are just fine. I just did a whole Cata level with a dissector shield and everything was good.

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Ok i found how the bug is reproducable and it affects all shields.

puh, after 20 logs i think this is how it goes:

If you switch from a Shield set to a set without a shield (dual gun or gun sword) and then back to the shield set THEN the bug occurs regardless of the shield. So Merkabah is not buggy. BTW switching to only one weapon and empty other hand works.

You can even see it in my video. At second 11 i switch weapons for a split second for whatever reason and i happened to have a dual gun set in there. And after that the thrown shield originates only from the position of the weapons switch.


It happened again. This time it wasnt the switch to a non shield weapon set.

This time it was like this:

On set 1 i have Shield and gun, on the leftclick i have shield charge.
On set 2 i have a different Shield and a different gun (doesnt matter it is the same with shield and sword) but on left click i have nothing special- the normal dual pistol icon for shooting.

Set 1 works perfectly with shield throw, switching to set 2 triggers the bug. Switching back to set 1 and it works again. Putting in shield charge into the set 2 remedies it and it also works normally!

Edit: putting the single pistol icon into the leftclick also works. It seems to bug out when you have the dual pistol icon in. It then also works when switching dual pistol setup. so that diagnosis was wrong.

So the hopefully last and simple and curable bugdescription is: Shield throw bugs out when the dual pistol icon is in the left mouseclick.

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There are other leftclick assignements that cause Shield Throw to bug out. E.G, heavenly condemnation. Shield Charge on the other hand works.

I made another Video showing the behaviour of Shield throw with different left click assignments: