Migrating from German to English version, revisited

I have the German version, in order to play H2038 I needed the English version. There are several posts in this forum giving instructions, most quote an old thread by Nimroth
Therein, Nimroth actually describes separate patching procedures for Single Player and Multiplayer. Only the Multiplayer part is usually passed on by those making reference to him on this forum. Presumably, that is sufficent to play H2038 online.
But the German version of the game is a monster (of the type that can turn human brains to Jell-o), and I would also wanted to replace the language in Single Player.
I followed Nimroth’s instructions for Single Player up until where he says: “Login SP”. Works like a charm for the single player game.

If I now furthermore follow the Multiplayer instructions, and

  • install the Multplayer patch (…4580).exe),
  • write the versions of hellgate_localized000. dat etc., and of Strings_Install.xls.uni, from h2038_eng_Multiplayer.rar over those supplied with Nimroths Single Player backup_eng.rar

will that enable me to play h2038 AND play English Single Player?

Use these instructions to convert your installation to English.

London 2038 does not support single player. If you want to use single player mods, you’ll need a separate installation.

Dear Firvagor,
the perfect answer, thanks a bunch!