+Minions stats on equiptment and skills

For skills (like Summoning Circle) or items with +Minions (health, damage, or armor) do they affect Elementals and Demons? The Skills for summoning demons have the keyword Minions. But the skills for summoning Elementals don’t have that keyword.

The stats on gear such as +% Minion Armor, Health and Damage apply to both, the minions and the elementals. This includes not only the Summoner’s minions and elementals, but it also includes the Evoker’s ember minion as well as the Engineer’s drone and bots and Spider Mines (only the +% Minion Damage property applies to bots and mines obviously).

Contrary to some rumor does +% Minion Damage on gear not apply to the Evoker’s Spectral Serpents.

I’m not 100% sure about the Summoning Circle skill, but it, too, appears to apply to both minion and elementals of the Summoner.

And, yes, it helps for a Summoner to have a lot of +% Minion Health and Armor on gear and a high skill level in Summoning Circle to get a somewhat robust army of pets.

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Thank you. Thats what I was looking for.