Missing weapons

2 jin chromium dragons were transfered from characters on account jimbodkins to jlbpistolero on account bodkins. Both are missing. I spent 120,000+ pal to replace them and mail them to jlbpistolero. both arrived but while transferring one to the lockers it disappeared. So out of 4 jins and 120,000 pal jlbpistolero has one jin (so far). I would like a jin for jlbpistolero so it can have 2 and I would like the 120,000 pal back.

I seem to remember something like this happening in the past - weapon from mail to inventory to oblivion - or - purchase from auction to mail to inventory to oblivion.


I’m afraid we can’t restore items, because each case would require verification and manual recreation - while each such intervention wouldn’t solve the broader issue, and there’s no guarantee the mailed items would even reach their destinations if that’s how they were lost to begin with.
What I can suggest to try and prevent this issue, in general, is to unclog zmail inboxes and auctions. While the exact cause is still hard to find and address (which we are still trying to do), this seems to be related.

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